Irish Beef & Stout Stew with Cheddar Nigella Beer Bread

March 14, 2021

Nothing says comfort food quite like a hearty Irish stew.  It’s also an excellent vehicle for our Winter Stewing Blend, which gives this stew a nice, deep base flavour of herbs, garlic and pepper. To go with it, Cheddar Nigella Beer Bread takes advantage of the perfect pairing for nigella seeds: cheddar cheese.

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Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Rosemary-Mint Lamb Rub

January 24, 2021

There's pretty much nothing easier than roasting a lamb shoulder, and our Rosemary-Mint Lamb Rub will make it taste so good it'll seem like you were slaving away in the kitchen all day long.
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Brining Your Turkey

October 02, 2020

Why Brine? Turkey can become dry as it is cooked, and the brining solution causes a change in the turkey's protein structure that allows it to better hold onto its moisture. The flavours from the spices are absorbed and help to boost the flavour.  It really is worth the little bit of extra effort.

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Driftwood Beer Can Chicken

April 05, 2020

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Smoky Bison and Black Bean Chili

October 01, 2019

The great thing about chili is that you can do whatever you like. Add corn. Substitute your favourite beans. Make it hotter…or milder. There’s nothing more forgiving than a pot of chili.
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Chicken & Barley Stew

August 27, 2018

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Puerco Pibil

April 02, 2018

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