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Bitters are strong infusions of herbs, spices and roots that are added to cocktails to enhance the flavours and add an undertone of bitter complexity. In the last 10 years, there has been a big resurgence of interest in mixology and exotic bitters. Bartenders and home enthusiasts now frequently make their own, and there are many brands of artisanal bitters available.

We carry several lines of craft-made bitters, as well as all the botanical roots and herbs you need for making your own.

Bitters are not only useful in cocktails: try adding them to your cooking and baking for an extra punch of flavour. Bitters do contain alcohol, but as they are used in minute quantities, it is akin to using vanilla extract. As such, they are also terrific in non-alcoholic beverages. The herbal compounds are excellent for settling upset stomachs and aiding in digestion. Try a soda water with 5 dashes of bitters when you’re having an off-day.

We also offer a few other cocktail-related products, including Porter’s Tonic Syrup, made right here in Calgary, as well as our “Kitchen Alchemist’s” kits for making your own gin and root beer.

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