Bittered Sling Bitters

Bittered Sling Bitters are an excellent line of bitters from Vancouver company Kale & Nori, which is a collaboration between chef Jonathan Chovancek and mixologist and sommelier Lauren Mote. They have a huge range of flavours from the light and lovely (Orange & Juniper) to the deep and dark (Denman) and everything in between. They are also one of the only brands to offer high-quality flavours like Suius Cherry, Clingstone Peach and Zingiber Crabapple.

Bittered Sling also offers two different gift sets containing six 25ml bottles.

The Global Flavours Gift Set includes Kensington Dry Aromatic, Grapefruit & Hops, Lem-Marrakech, Plum & Rootbeer, Moondog and Malagasy Chocolate.

The Creative Flavours Gift Set includes Orange & Juniper, Cascade Celery, Clingstone Peach, Suius Cherry, Western Haskap and Arabica Coffee.


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