Botanical Roots & Herbs


We carry a wide selection of botanical roots and herbs for use in a variety of infusions. While these products don't have wide culinary uses, they are very useful in the creation of home-made cocktail bitters, vermouths, root beer, tonic water, gin and tea blends.

Many of these botanicals have long histories as ingredients in health tonics and teas, some in Victorian England, some in the United States, and some elsewhere in the world. They are said to purify and detoxify the body, stimulate the appetite, aid in digestion and have many other benefits.

However, we have chosen our botanicals for their flavouring abilities, and we intend them to be used for culinary purposes only. We do not make any claims about the health benefits of these products, nor do we endorse them for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure of any malady.

We sell these products in small quantities, as they are typically used in minute amounts. If you are looking for larger amounts, please contact us.


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