Backcountry Spice Kit

Regular Kits are now out of stock indefinitely. Grab a Veggie Kit while you still can!

We were thrilled when our friends at Camp Brand Goods approached us a couple years ago about collaborating on a camp-ready kit full of spices chosen specifically for outdoor adventures. We called it the Backcountry Spice Kit, but to be absolutely fair, purists would say it’s a little more front-country, being a touch heavy for long trips on foot. Mind you, we’ve backpacked with it, canoed with it, and cross-country skied with it. Priorities, priorities.

The regular kit contains something for every situation: Bow River Fish Blend, Driftwood Texas Bar-B-Que Rub, Scarborough Fair, Apple Pie Spice, and Inca Fire Salt (which never fails to improve the mood of hikers you meet in camp).

The Veggie Lovers kit also contains Scarborough Fair, Apple Pie Spice, and Inca Fire Salt, but substitutes Frontera Tex-Mex Seasoning and Yellow Curry Powder for the more meat-oriented blends.

Both kits come in a Canadian-made canvas pouch with a carabiner and a handy little laminated card explaining each spice and providing a few ideas specifically aimed at using the spices on a picnic table or a log, miles away from the nearest fridge, within arm’s reach of a crackling fire.


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