Dill Pickle Seasoning


This blend was created for the popcorn lovers among us. We get asked for popcorn seasonings frequently, and we have lots of things that go great on popcorn, but this is the first time we’ve made a blend with that specific purpose in mind. The key here, though, is that we haven’t made a mixture that’s full of artificial flavours and preservatives. We’ve just made a spice blend that is heavy on the dill and contains some red wine vinegar powder to add the pickley sourness. The real secret to its flavour, though, is the dill pollen – an amazing little spice that takes the dill quotient way up.

It was made for popcorn, but this blend is also excellent on eggs, fries, home-made potato chips and more. How about in grilled cheese sandwiches?



Ingredients: dill weed, sea salt, dill pollen, coriander, red wine vinegar powder (maltodextrin, red wine vinegar), onion, garlic, black pepper, mustard powder, allspice, lemon juice powder (contains corn syrup solids), chiles, sugar, citric acid.

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