Saltwater Chili-Lime Seasoning


When the hottest days of summer hit, we start thinking about ways to cool down. At the top of the wish list is a long day at the beach with a cold beer in hand. The cool breeze, the smell of the surf, and the long walks among the tide pools.

And at the end of that day, the flavours that so perfectly complement the hot weather: chiles, lime and seafood. Since we don’t live anywhere near a proper beach, we have to make do with our backyards and parks. But we don’t have to compromise on the food and beer!

We developed our Saltwater Chili-Lime Seasoning to bring the beach closer to home. It’s blended from granulated lime peel, dehydrated lime juice powder, two types of chiles, Mexican oregano, pepper, garlic, onion and more. It’s specifically designed to go into a hot pan of fresh shrimp, but it’s great for any fish or seafood, on chicken, on barbequed vegetable skewers, on potatoes…you name it.

Ingredients: lime juice powder, lime peel, paprika, black pepper, onion, chiles, Mexican oregano, sea salt, garlic, citric acid.

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