Seasoned Pepper Blend


This blend of cracked black pepper, minced onion and garlic, allspice, rosemary, red chile flakes and Greek sea salt is bound to become a big customer favourite. You could call it seasoned pepper, garlic pepper or herb pepper, all of which are popular blends people ask for. But we think our Seasoned Pepper Blend beats anything else out there. It’s peppery, a tiny bit spicy, garlicky and good on everything.

There are two primary ways to use this blend. Put it in a pepper mill and grind it onto eggs, potatoes, pastas or anywhere you’d use regular black pepper. It’s also excellent as a coarse butcher rub for roast beef or pepper steak. As for the third, fourth, fifth and sixth ways of using it, we’ll wait for you to tell us.

Ingredients: black pepper, garlic, onion, sea salt, allspice, chiles, rosemary.

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