Chili Powder, Hot


Chili powder is the name given to any spice blend that is made mostly from chiles. Some chili powders contain only pure powdered chiles, but more often, they are mixtures of ground chiles and other spices that complement the heat and add depth. Chili powder is used in Indian cuisine, but its primary use in North America is for making good old Texas chili. It’s also great as an ingredient in barbeque rubs. We use it in our Cinnamon Chili Rub.

Our hot chili powder uses ground ancho and New Mexico chiles, a bit of chipotle for smokiness, and a fair bit of cayenne pepper to ramp up the heat. It’s rounded out with cumin, onion, garlic and Mexican oregano. It’s hot, but our particular blend of chiles and spices makes it really flavourful too – it’s guaranteed to give your taste buds a workout.



Ingredients: chiles, cumin, Mexican oregano, onion, garlic.

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