Wasabi Powder


Wasabi is a root that can be ground into a powder and used to make a paste. It has a sharp, burning flavour and aroma. Sometimes called Japanese horseradish, wasabi is most commonly associated with sushi and other raw fish dishes, but it can also be used to add sharpness to dressings and marinades. To use, mix the powder with a bit of water and let it steep for 10 minutes to give the flavour time to develop.

Wasabi root is extremely difficult to produce, making pure wasabi pastes and powders incredibly expensive and hard to find. Almost all wasabi used in North America is an imitation: a blend of horseradish, mustard and colour. And truthfully, this is a perfectly acceptable and cost-effective alternative to real wasabi. However, there’s no duplicating the real thing, and we also offer 100% pure wasabi powder for those who want the full experience.


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