Paprika, Hungarian


Paprika immediately makes most of us think of Hungarian cooking, and for good reason: it is the basis for many traditional dishes such as goulash and paprikash, and at least a dusting of it appears on almost any dish prepared in a Hungarian kitchen. Even if it's not in the food, it's found on the table more commonly than black pepper in Hungary, so if you're eating in a Hungarian home or restaurant you will probably have the opportunity to add it yourself.

Hungarian paprika can range from sweet (mild) to hot, but the sweet variety is the most common and sought-after. Our Hungarian sweet paprika has a lovely, delicate flavour and a deep red colour. We also offer a hot Hungarian Paprika that is custom blended in Szeged, Hungary to our particular heat preference (20,000 SHU).

Paprika loses its colour quickly when it is exposed to light, and since colour is such an important aspect of paprika we sell ours in tins rather than glass jars. Paprika can be stored in the refrigerator to extend the life of its colour and flavour even longer.

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