Chaat Masala


Chaat Masala is a very common Indian spice blend that is used on all sorts of street foods and snacks. It’s salty, tart and a little bit spicy, and it goes very well on everything from deep-fried snacks to fruit salads. It’s also essential to dishes like Channa Chaat, which is a cold salad of chick peas (channa), potatoes, onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

To the western palate, Chaat Masala is a bit of an acquired taste, thanks to the presence of Kala Namak (Indian Black Salt), which has a decidedly sulfury flavour. But it’s also very complex and exotic, containing amchur (mango powder), anardana (pomegranate powder), asafoetida, mint, and other Indian spices.



Ingredients: amchur, anardana, cumin, black pepper, kala namak (Indian black salt), sea salt, ajowan, mint, chiles, asafoetida.

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