Prague Powder #1 (Curing Salt)


Prague Powder (or Curing Salt) is used to prevent spoilage in the curing of meats. It is coloured pink to prevent it from being mistaken for regular salt. The variety we sell is Prague Powder #1, which contains about 6% sodium nitrite and is used for meats like sausages and bacon that require short curing times and which will be cooked before eating. There is also a variety called Prague Powder #2 which contains sodium nitrate in addition to the sodium nitrite. It is used for meats which will be cured for longer times and will be fully cured rather than cooked: salami, prosciutto, and other things of that type.

For Prague Powder #1, as a guideline, use 1 tsp for each 5 lb of meat. However, we are not experts in the curing of delicious meats. You should follow a reliable recipe when using this product.



Ingredients: salt, sodium nitrite, colour.

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