Paprika, Spanish Smoked


Spanish paprika or pimentón is so important to Spanish cooking and the Spanish are so demanding of quality paprikas that there are Denominations of Origin (D.O.) for paprika. Our Spanish paprika comes from La Vera, Spain, which produces the very best handmade paprikas. In La Vera, paprika is made from peppers that are slowly dried over an oak-burning fire in a drying house, a process that gives this paprika its characteristic smoky flavour. Spanish paprika from Murcia, the other main D.O., is sun-dried, and therefore does not taste smoky.

We sell three varieties of La Vera Spanish smoked paprika: Sweet (Pimentón Dulce), Bittersweet (Pimentón Agridulce), and Hot (Pimentón Picante). Spanish paprika is essential to romesco sauce, sofrito, paella, chorizo, and many other traditional Spanish dishes.

Paprika loses its colour quickly when it is exposed to light, and since colour is such an important aspect of paprika we sell ours in tins rather than glass jars. Paprika can be stored in the refrigerator to extend the life of its colour and flavour even longer.

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