Cinnamon, Indonesian Korintje


This is the cinnamon that we have historically used in North America. Korintje cassia cinnamon is grown on the island of Sumatra, and has a deep colour and spicy, woody flavour, but lacks the real punch of Vietnamese cinnamon.

Our Indonesian cinnamon is available ground, in 4-inch and 6-inch sticks, in cracked chips, and in rough bark pieces. 4-inch sticks are good for simmering, grating and grinding fresh for dishes and 6-inch sticks are perfect as stir sticks in hot drinks. Cinnamon chips are ideal for home grinding in a coffee or spice grinder and for simmering in teas and other infusions. Cinnamon bark is the roughly chopped outer bark of the Indonesian cassia tree. Because it is not as pungent as the inner bark, it’s milder and cheaper. This makes it perfect for simmering in a pot of chai or mulled wine, or for slow cooking in a curry or stew.

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