Dill Pollen


If you have ever been the kind of person who argues about the best brand of dill pickles, you owe it to yourself to try dill pollen. It tastes like dill, of course, but not in the subdued way that dill weed and dill seeds do. It tastes like super-concentrated intense dill pickle essence. It tastes like dill pickle potato chips. It’s amazing.

Similar to our very popular fennel pollen, dill pollen is a yellowish-green, coarse powder hand-picked from the flowers of the dill plant, and the labour involved in harvesting it makes it quite expensive. Unlike fennel pollen, however, dill pollen is not particularly versatile. You don’t want to add this to your desserts. It’s a natural fit for fish prepared any way you like, it’s lovely with vegetables like carrots and parsnips, and it’s incredible with potatoes. We use it as the heart of our Dill Pickle Seasoning.

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