Nutmeg is the hard inner seed found inside the fruit of a nutmeg tree, and it has one of the most unique and recognizable flavours of all spices. It is warm and woody with hints of pine and clove, very similar to mace, which is part of the same fruit. Some people think of nutmeg only as a baking spice or something to grate onto eggnog during the holidays, but nutmeg is used widely for both sweet and savoury dishes in many cuisines around the world. It is an ingredient in some Indian curries, is used in several African spice mixtures, and is often added to vegetable dishes in Dutch cuisine. Of course it is also an extremely popular baking spice and is used in all kinds of breads, pastries, cookies and cakes.

Ground nutmeg loses its flavour very quickly, so we recommend buying it whole and grating it freshly when needed.

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