Peppercorns, Muntok White


White peppercorns are picked from the vine when they are almost ripe - much later than black or green peppercorns. When picked, they are a yellowish-pink colour. The peppercorns are treated with water to remove the skin, and then sun-dried. White peppercorns contain less essential oil than black peppercorns, as this is in the skin, so they have less aroma and a sweetish pungency to them. They are used often in French cooking, and are especially useful in white soups and sauces that require pepper, because they won't add the little black flecks that black peppercorns would.

We carry Muntok white peppercorns from Indonesia. Muntok white peppercorns are picked when green and then soaked in barrels of cool water to remove the outer skin. We sell white peppercorns whole and ground. For ground white pepper, please see White Pepper, Ground.

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