Timut Peppercorns


Timut peppercorns have come on strongly in recent years as a delightful spice for everything from condiments to cocktails, and they really are something to experience. Timut peppercorns are closely related to Szechuan peppercorns and like those cousins, are not actually related to true peppercorns. They are instead the seed pods of a variety of prickly ash tree.

They smell and taste very strongly of citrus peel (in particular grapefruit) with a slightly soapy note, and they have a numbing sensation on the tongue. They grow primarily in Nepal and have long been used in Himalayan regions for soups, dumplings, sauces and more. Try them in chutneys and pickles, infused in oil for salads or in gin for interesting G&Ts. Or toast them slightly and grind them up for more standard spice applications in your cooking.

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