Galangal is a rhizome (or root) that looks a lot like ginger. Its flavour is similar to ginger, but not nearly as spicy and with hints of lemon and cardamom. It is used in South-East Asia the way that ginger is used in other Asian cuisines. It’s a key ingredient of Thai curries, soups and stews. Fresh galangal is very difficult to find in stores, but dried galangal pieces work well. Just soak them in hot water for a few minutes before using. Then add to your dish and remove before serving. Dried galangal can also be grated to a powder and added directly to a dish as ground ginger would be.

There are two types of galangal, "greater" and "lesser." Greater galangal is larger and milder, while lesser galangal is smaller, sweeter and more intense. Greater galangal is by far the more common of the two -- lesser galangal is rarely seen outside of China and Southeast Asia. We offer both types, as well as ground greater galangal.

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