Finding good baking extracts isn’t always easy. There are lots of completely artificial extracts out there and you don’t always get the quality of flavour you’re expecting. We source the best ones we can, with the broadest range of flavours. In most cases, these extracts are “pure,” meaning they contain only alcohol, water, and the plant which gives it its flavour. In some cases, they are labeled as “natural,” which means that the flavour is added using an all-natural flavour ingredient rather than actually infusing the spice or nut itself directly. Most contain approximately 30-40% alcohol, since alcohol is required to properly extract the essential oils from the plant. Some contain a small amount of propylene glycol as a stabilizing agent.

Our flavours are almond, peppermint, orange, lemon, aniseed, hazelnut, maple, chocolate, coffee, lavender, ginger, cinnamon, coconut, and pistachio (and vanilla).

Size: 100 ml

Vanilla extract is important enough to us that we have given it its own page here.


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