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    Who doesn’t love a steaming cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day? After realizing that almost every hot cocoa available in stores contains hydrogenated oils and artificial flavours, we decided to create our own blends using spices that pair perfectly with chocolate. We therefore present six varieties, hand-mixed with love. They are artisanal products, containing no powdered milk, fillers or preservatives. Some settling of cocoa and spices is to be expected. Because they don’t contain dairy powder, they don’t mix well with water. Instructions for making hot cocoa are on each package.

    Silk Road Classic Hot Cocoa This delicious mix is a simple blend of our richest, dark Dutch-processed cocoa powder, ground pure vanilla beans and just enough sugar. It’s rich and decadent without being overly sweet. It’s hard to improve on a classic.

    Spicy Mexican Hot Cocoa Chocolate drinks have been popular in Mexico for hundreds of years. Our Spicy Mexican Hot Cocoa includes Sri Lankan “True” Cinnamon, as well as cayenne pepper for a touch of spicy heat.

    Winter Spiced Hot Cocoa This hot cocoa blend is the ultimate comforting treat for cold nights. Our rich, sweet cocoa mixed with the warm winter flavours of our strongest cinnamon, ginger, cloves and mace. Perfect indulgence!

    Cinnamon Cardamom Hot Cocoa The flavour of exotic green cardamom is enough to make some people swoon with delight, and this cocoa mix captures it in perfect harmony with Indonesian Korintje cinnamon. Simple and stunning with the sweetness of the cocoa.

    Chai Masala Hot Cocoa The warm, exotic flavour of chai spices just seems to work well with everything. This cocoa mix hits just the right note for chai lovers with cardamom, fennel, pepper, mint, rose and more.

    Mountain Mint Hot Cocoa Two types of mint – spearmint and peppermint – give this blend a true winter flavour: bright, cool and clean. No extracts or flavour powders; just pure ground mint. Perfect for a cold day on the ski hill.



    Ingredients: Silk Road Classic: sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa, vanilla beans. Spicy Mexican: sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa, Sri Lankan cinnamon, cayenne pepper. Winter Spiced: sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa, Vietnamese Saigon cinnamon, ginger, cloves, mace. Cinnamon Cardamom: sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa, cardamom, cinnamon. Chai Masala: sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa, cardamom, fennel, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, rose petals, mint. Mountain Mint: sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa, spearmint, peppermint.