When it comes to cooking, many of us don’t go beyond regular old table salt. However, salt is becoming more important in the culinary world as more people discover the amazing variety of tastes, colours and textures available. We carry standard sea salt and kosher salt, but our exotic artisanal salts from France and Hawaii will forever change the way you think about this humble ingredient.

Salt is simply a mineral composed of chlorine and sodium. All salt is the by-product of evaporation, either in salt mines or in the sea. The colour and texture of salt depend on the type of salt deposit and the way the crystals are processed during evaporation. Salts can also have varying levels of other minerals, which are naturally present in the deposits. Different textures can lead to different levels of “saltiness” and will affect the flavour and consistency of your food. Different colours add visual impact to a dish.

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Kala Namak (Indian Black Salt)

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