Bitter Truth Bitters


Bitter Truth bitters arrived on the scene in 2006, which actually makes them among the older bitters brands available today. Apart from Angostura, Fee Brothers and Peychaud's, the resurgent interest in bitters is fairly recent. Bitter Truth was the project of two bartenders from Munich, Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck, who were unhappy with the poor quality and poor selection of bitters available in Germany.

With quite traditional flavours, Bitter Truth is a great choice for building your basic library of bitters. Of particular note is their celery bitters, a classic flavour that they developed and reintroduced to the market after some hundred years of obscurity. Incredible in Caesars, G&Ts, and great with tequila.

Bitter Truth bitters are truly bitter and complex. And at 200ml per bottle, they are among the more economical brands relative to the quantity you get.

We also sell the Bitter Truth Traveler's Set of 5 x 20ml bottles: Aromatic, Orange, Celery, Creole, and Jerry Thomas.

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