Bow River Fish Blend


If your dad fishes, you’ve probably got great memories about being a kid and tagging along as he sets out for the day, truly in his element. Around here, that means catching Rainbow Trout in the Bow. The fish we caught as kids were cold and glistening and tasted so unbelievably fresh. And the way to cook them was always simple: a little butter, salt and pepper and some herbs in a heavy skillet.

We still like to cook fish that way, and we created this blend to be the perfect easy-going complement to fresh fish, whether it be trout, snapper, sole, or even salmon. It’s a simple mixture of coarse black pepper, dill, parsley, chives and freeze-dried shallots – the one ingredient Dad didn’t use back in the day. Feel like getting more complex? Add a little white wine and garlic and maybe some capers.



Ingredients: chives, parsley, black pepper, dill, shallots.

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