Brining Spices


If you’ve thought of brining your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey but always wondered if it was necessary, we might be able to help. Put simply, brining your turkey (or chicken) means you will end up with a moister and more flavourful bird. Turkey has a tendency to become dry as it is cooked, and the salt in brining solutions causes a change in the turkey's protein structure that allows it to better hold onto its moisture. If you’ve never tried brining before, it is really quite simple. And trust us— the results are well worth the little bit of extra planning (it has to be done 1-2 days before roasting).

The basic ingredients are water, salt, sugar and some spices, which is where we come in. Our Brining Spices provide extra flavour that is absorbed into the meat and helps to enhance the spices and other ingredients you use during cooking and in your stuffing. Use one packet for a turkey up to 12lb; 2 packets for a larger bird. We provide an instruction sheet with each purchase.



Ingredients: black peppercorns, coriander, allspice, juniper berries, lemon peel, sage, rosemary, lemon thyme, ginger.

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