Fee Brothers Bitters


With their slogan "Don't Squeeze Use Fee's," Fee Brothers has been around since the mid-19th century, making a huge range of cordials, syrups, juices and bitters. Many of their bitter recipes were developed during the era of American prohibition and they are one of the only big brands of bitters that is not alcohol-based (though they do still contain small amounts of alcohol – around 5%).

Fee Brothers Bitters are not as subtle or bitter as many other brands, and with the artificial flavourings that many of them contain, they don't always compare well to other more "artisanal" brands. But they remain a very popular and respected line with bartenders and home enthusiasts alike due to their wide range of flavours, their sweet and fruity approachability and their reasonable price. With flavours like peach, plum, mint, rhubarb and cranberry, there's something for every drinker and every drink.

Among Fee's particularly good flavours are the West Indian Orange (which contains only natural flavours and has a juicy brightness that many others don't) the Old Fashion (a naturally flavoured aromatic bitters with a very strong cinnamon spiciness) and the Black Walnut (which has a nutty flavour very unique among bitters). They also offer excellent barrel-aged versions of their Old Fashion and Orange Bitters.


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