Habanero Chiles


Time to get serious: habanero chiles are among the hottest on the planet. These small, lantern-shaped chiles range in colour from yellow to red and have a tropical, fruity flavour with intense heat. They are used primarily in hot sauces, especially from the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and the Caribbean. Habaneros are from the same species as Caribbean Scotch Bonnet chiles and have an almost identical appearance, flavour and heat. Because of this, and because dried Scotch Bonnets are not readily available, we use them interchangeably, with habaneros featuring strongly in our Jerk Seasoning.

Heat level: 10 out of 10

A word of caution: We seriously recommend wearing rubber gloves when you handle habaneros, including dried ones. The oils from the chile can get into your skin and cause irritation for days, even if you wash your hands. Above all, never touch your eyes or nose after handling habaneros (or any chiles, really). It’s common to wash your hands and think everything is fine, only to rub your eyes hours or even days later and realize that everything is not fine.


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