Inglewood Everything Blend


Seems like everyone has been asking for an “everything bagel” seasoning lately. We didn’t want to copy what other places have done, though, so we decided we could create a blend that is similar in spirit but has uses and flavours that go far beyond bagels.

Our Inglewood Everything Blend is a coarse mixture of poppy seeds, sesame seeds (black, white and toasted), garlic (roasted and raw), onion, flaky sea salt, nigella seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, caraway seeds, aniseed, and rosemary. We named it after our main shop’s vibrant and beloved neighbourhood – just like this blend, Inglewood has everything!

Inglewood Everything Blend is not meant to be cooked with. It’s made to be sprinkled and eaten as it is – on avocado toast, on roasted vegetables, in a vinaigrette, in hummus, or on cream cheese bagels. It’s also great for topping your baking: bread, crackers, and of course bagels themselves for those who make them.

And because this blend has some extra dimensions of flavour from the more Middle Eastern spices, it’s a great stand-in for Dukkah or a base for making your own. Mix it with ground nuts and/or olive oil and eat with pita bread.

Ingredients: poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion, sea salt, rosemary, aniseed, cumin, coriander, nigella seeds, caraway.

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