KRUPS Coffee & Spice Grinder


A spice grinder is one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen, and for the price you cannot do better than this little hand-held grinder from KRUPS. We've used lots of coffee grinders for our spices over the years, and the KRUPS has the most powerful motor we've seen. This means you can grind the hardest spices into powder quickly and easily, and the grinder won't tend to heat up, potentially damaging the motor and your spices. We've been using this grinder in our home kitchen for over 10 years and it's still grinding away like a champ.

The KRUPS Coffee & Spice Grinder has a fairly large capacity. The stainless steel blade and bowl are easy to clean and the unique oval shape ensures uniform grinding results and allows for easy pouring of contents. If the grinder needs a deep clean after a particularly pungent spice blend, we recommend grinding a few small chunks of bread for 30 seconds of so. The bread will soak up the oils from the spices and will clean out the hard-to-reach areas under the blade.


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