Le Creuset Mortar & Pestle

Cerise (Red)
Oyster (Grey)

A good, solid mortar and pestle is a necessity in any half-serious kitchen, and not just for spices. There’s no replacement for them when you need to quickly grind something up and a consistent fine texture isn’t the goal. They won’t turn cinnamon sticks into fine powder (unless you have several weeks to work at it), but they will give you cracked black peppercorns, crushed almonds or ground poppy seeds, and they are ideal for bashing together a mix of fresh herbs, garlic, oil and salt.

This beautiful stoneware mortar and pestle has a nice weight and a rough, unglazed interior ideal for grinding herbs and spices. It has a 600ml capacity – perfect for your next home-made spice rub. Dishwasher-safe and available in several colours. Pick your favourite for an elegant and ever-useful kitchen accessory.


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