Lime Peel


Citrus peels contain loads of essential oils that add an unmistakably sharp tartness to foods. Fresh citrus zest is always preferable to dried peel, but when it isn’t available, dried peel can be rehydrated in a bit of warm water for an acceptable substitute. We sell lemon, lime and orange peel granules, as well as larger lemon and orange peel pieces that are great added to tea or mulled wine and cider. Lemon peel is used widely in Moroccan foods like tagines. Lime zest is used in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for stews and curries. In China, they prefer orange for stir fries and duck dishes. All three are great in baking (muffins, cookies, cakes) and each has its place in the kitchen.

Please note: for legal reasons to do with the citrus industry, we are unable to ship lime peel to the United States.

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