Mayan Chili Powder


This blend comes from the ancient Mayan tradition of blending chiles with rich cocoa powder and cinnamon (a tradition that carries on in Mexico today). If you like your bowl of chili a little deeper and richer than usual, this is the chili powder for you. Blended from four chiles (ancho, pasilla, New Mexico and jalapeño) plus spicy Vietnamese cinnamon, dark cocoa, Mexican oregano, cumin and more. It’s delicious in meat chili, especially turkey and bison, and goes great with any sweet elements you add to your chili, like raisins or bell peppers. It has some kick, but it’s the darkest, smoothest chili powder we offer.

Ingredients: chiles, cinnamon, cocoa powder, cumin, Mexican oregano, onion, garlic, turbinado sugar, allspice.

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