Ramsay Yard Grilling Blend


We talk a lot about barbequing here at The Silk Road. We have barbeque rubs for everything from steak to pork to slow-cooked ribs and chicken. We have smoky rubs, spicy rubs, and salty-sweet rubs. We talk about smoking meat, using charcoal and digging bbq pits. But it felt like we could use one really no-nonsense blend that is great on everything and meant for really simple grilling. This is that blend. And we decided to name it after our own back yard, where we do most of the product testing (and a lot of the appreciating).

Ramsay Yard Grilling Blend is sort of like a greatest hits record. It brings together many of the best aspects of our other blends and barbeque rubs. It’s smoky, peppery and lemony, with a touch of heat. It’s meant to be an easy, do-everything grill mixture for any back yard in any neighbourhood. Put it on chicken, steak, burgers, veggies, skewers…anything goes.

Ingredients: sweet paprika, smoked paprika, black pepper, lemon peel, sea salt, garlic, onion, turbinado sugar, mustard powder, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, hickory powder, citric acid.

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