Ras El Hanout


Ras el Hanout is an almost mystical Moroccan spice blend. Every Moroccan spice merchant has their own secret recipe, and it’s a source of great pride to create the most sought-after version. To add to the mystique, the list of traditional ingredients has been said to include hashish and Spanish Fly. We’ve left those out of our version.

There is no recipe for this blend – “ras el hanout” translates as “top of the shop” and the mixture often includes 30 or more of a spice merchant’s best ingredients. Amazingly, those ingredients come together to create a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts.

We guard our Ras el Hanout recipe as closely as the spice merchants of Morocco, but we will tell you that we hand-mix it from such exotic ingredients as rose petals, saffron, cubeb berries, lavender and grains of paradise (plus many, many more).

Our Ras el Hanout has a slightly curry-like flavour, with many subtle undercurrents so that the overall effect is at once sweet, peppery and floral. It is great as a dry rub for grilled meats, it is excellent in potatoes, rice and couscous, and of course it is ideal for Moroccan dishes like b’stilla and tagines.

Ingredients: spices

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