Tarragon-Shallot Blend


There’s something about the flavour of good tarragon that really gets us excited, and our dried tarragon is the best we’ve ever tasted. So we really wanted to create a simple spice blend that would be a good showcase for it. The result: Tarragon-Shallot Blend. In addition to tarragon and freeze-dried shallots, this blend contains parsley, lemon peel, black pepper, garlic and a touch of citric acid to boost the acidity of the lemon. Wonderful with fish or chicken and in cream sauces, this blend is also a great all-purpose seasoning for soups, dressings, etc. It’s sort of a simpler, more French version of our Silk Road All-Purpose Blend.

Ingredients: shallots, parsley, lemon peel, black pepper, tarragon, garlic, citric acid.

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