Urfa Biber


“Biber” is Turkish for chile, and these crushed Urfa chiles are unlike anything we’d tasted before. They are a sort of cousin to our popular Marash chiles – they grow one mountain range over in the Urfa region of Turkey – but with an intense smoky depth that really sets them apart.

Urfas are oily purple-black flakes and have the same moderate heat as the Marash and Aleppo chiles from the same part of the world. Their flavour is pruney and smoky with a distinct scent of chocolate and tobacco. Use them in rice dishes, stews and anywhere you want a deep, dark flavour and a touch of heat. They also pair very well with chocolate and sweet dishes.

Urfa Biber flakes are quite moist and clumpy due to the high level of oil in them. We recommend keeping them in the fridge.

Heat level: 4 out of 10

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