Winter Stewing Blend


We designed our Winter Stewing Blend to bring a burst of summer garden flavour to comforting foods like soups, stews and roasts. It’s a simple mix of black pepper, herbs and garden vegetables like onions and bell peppers. We’ve made it nice and coarse so it will stand up to slow cooking. And because it’s salt-free, you can control your salt-intake and the flavour of your dishes. Lots of soup recipes call for salt, pepper and thyme; add this (and some salt) to give your soups a fuller, more garden-y flavour. Ideal for chicken and turkey soups post-holidays.

This simple blend is also great in beef stew, in slow-cooker dishes, rubbed on roasts and sprinkled on roasting vegetables with some olive oil.

Lay some in for the winter and coast all the way to spring.



Ingredients: black pepper, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion, chives, thyme, basil.

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